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ASU vs. Arizona: The Statistical Head-to-Head Preview

A statistical look at Saturday's Duel in the Desert shows some interesting advantages and battles

Christian Petersen

The Sun Devils are back to their winning ways and just in time for the biggest game of the year.

On Friday, Todd Graham and his team will head to Tucson to battle the hated Arizona Wildcats with the aim to establish dominance over the state and reclaim the Territorial Cup.

We compiled the key numbers from each team into one handy chart to see which team had the advantages. Taking a look at the chart, a few things jump out:

  • This will be a battle of strength versus strength. The Wildcats boast one of the nation's best offenses, while ASU has one of the best defenses. Something has to give.
  • One area of concern should be UofA's ground attack, led by the nation's leading rusher Ka'Deem Carey, facing a Sun Devil run defense that has struggled throughout the year..
  • The Sun Devils may not have an offense that compares to the Wildcats, but the Arizona defense has been among the nation's worst, especially against the pass. With the success that ASU had through the air last week, it could be a major factor on Friday.

Arizona_st Uofa_logo_medium
Advantage Conf National Actual Category Actual National Conf
Rank Rank Rank Rank
4th 44th 183.6 Rushing Offense 224.8 15th 2nd
6th 44th 264.4 Passing Offense 297.0 24th 4th
Uofa_icon_medium 5th 33rd 448.3 Total Offense 521.8 8th 2nd
Uofa_icon_medium 5th 28th 36.0 Scoring Offense 37.6 22nd 3rd
Asu_icon_2_medium 7th 68th 161.1 Rushing Defense 162.4 86th 11th
Asu_icon_2_medium 1st 12th 104.73 Pass Efficiency Defense 137.97 81st 9th
Asu_icon_2_medium 1st 8th 174.2 Pass Defense 305.5 117th 12th
Asu_icon_2_medium 2nd 23rd 335.3 Total Defense 488.0 114th 11th
Asu_icon_2_medium 4th 35th 23.1 Scoring Defense 33.6 100th 10th
Asu_icon_2_medium 1st 1st 4.27 Sacks 1.36 97th 12th
Asu_icon_2_medium 2nd 2nd 8.91 Tackles for Loss 5.27 73rd 11th
Asu_icon_2_medium 6th 45th +.36 Turnover Margin .00 56th 7th
8th 80th 7.0 Punt Returns 9.6 50th 4th
Asu_icon_2_medium 5th 40th 22.97 Kickoff Returns 18.32 107th 11th
Asu_icon_2_medium 2nd 13th 40.35 Net Punting 39.24 22nd 4th
Uofa_icon_medium 9th 112th 3.36 Sacks Allowed 1.55 40th 4th
Uofa_icon_medium 4th 69th 39.4% 3rd Down Conversions 43.1% 48th 2nd

Thanks to our friends at Ralphie Report for the inspiration for this feature (and HTML code).

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