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Territorial Cup 2012: Our staff's favorite ASU/UA memories

Beating UA is always worth remembering. Join us.

Christian Petersen

A special double edition of the House of Sparky roundtable. Today, we talk about our favorite Territorial Cup memories. What is your finest recollection? Tell us about it in the comments section!

Brad Denny: Since most of my staff can't legally rent a car yet, I'll take the older answer and say the 1996 game. Obviously, that was the most incredible year over the last few decades, and so much was riding on that game. Despite ASU's dominant year, this rivalry has a way of tossing all of that out of the window. But not for Jake, Pat, Juan and company. They went down to Tucson, hit the Wildcats early, often, and then some more on the way to that incredible 56-14 win, immortalized in one of the greatest images in ASU history. Watching that game, you couldn't help be couldn't help but KNOW that ASU was going to win the national championship.

Nick Marek: I will never forget my freshman year in college when I travelled to Tucson for the football game that ASU won in double overtime (surprise, surprise). I cannot describe the feeling of upsetting the Wildcats and receiving a bowl bid from that win. On the ride home that night, we blasted "Running With the Devils" by Van Halen as we drove through campus.

Ryan Bafaloukos: I have been watching this game as long I can remember. My two most vivid memories are the Kyle Williams fumble and the James Brooks blocked extra point. I was sitting in the stands when Kyle Williams caught a touchdown pass to tie the game up, and the muffed a punt to cost ASU the game. And I will always remember where I was in 2010 when the ASU/UA game went into OT. After such a miserable season, it was great to see ASU end on a high note and it was the craziest finish I have seen.

Cory Williams: Hey Ryan, we don't need to talk about bad memories. Only the good ones!

For me, I've seen the game twice in Tucson and three times in Tempe. Each game has been a roller coaster affair that left me nauseous. Beating the Rats is the best feeling, while losing to them is heartbreaking. I'll go on record saying that the 2007 victory that gave us a chance at a Fiesta Bowl berth was a great feeling after watching the team get destroyed by USC the week before. Nothing, however, beats James Brooks.

Ben Haber: My favorite ASU football memory didn't actually take place on the gridiron. The Devils partnership with Nike will always be extremely memorable. Between the pitchfork campaign and beautiful new flashy jerseys, ASU instantly became a hot destination point. Without this occurring, I strongly doubt ASU would be showcased on ESPN six times during a rebuilding 2012 campaign.

Kerry Crowley: My cousins attended Arizona State, but I never threw myself into the rivalry until the 2010 game. The overtime thriller was a religious experience for hardcore Sun Devils fans, and seeing a blocked extra point decide the outcome of a football game is an unbelievable experience. Seeing the shock on the faces of Wildcat fans is priceless, and that's what makes this rivalry the stuff of legend.

Cody Ulm: Hands down, my best memory was when I traveled down to Tucson in 2010 to sit in ASU's student section for the 30-29 double overtime thriller. I think I may have blacked out from the excitement but I can just remember hugging random strangers and throwing up so many pitchforks that I thought my hand was going to get stuck that way. Also, it was pretty damn rewarding to walk around Tucson afterwards and talk a fair amount of smack to each and every Wildcat fan I saw. I must give them credit though; they handled it pretty well considering I probably deserved to get hit in the mouth.