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ASU Football: What Sun Devils Should be Thankful For, Territorial Cup Edition

On this Thanksgiving, we look at some of the reasons that Sun Devil Nation should be thankful heading into the Duel in the Desert against Arizona.

Norm Hall

Be thankful your head coach Speaks Victory, and does not tearfully recite Josh Groban lyrics.

Be thankful you're not Matt Scott and have Carl Bradford and Will Sutton chasing after you.

Be thankful that if you're going to the game, you only have to spend a few hours in Tucson.

Be thankful you have Sparky and not....Wilbur....

Be thankful that James Brooks went back for seconds.

Be thankful your defense is among the better units in the nation, and not ranked 114th.

Be thankful your team is not wearing these "uniforms" tomorrow.

Be thankful you don't have to try and tackle the mighty Chris Coyle.

Be thankful that this photo exists.

Be thankful that you get to see a true Sun Devil in Brandon Magee deliver one last great performance in crushing the 'Cats.

Be thankful that the Territorial Cup will be coming back to Tempe where it belongs after Friday's game.

Be thankful that you're a Sun Devil.