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ASU vs Creighton: Vegas open thread

Sun Devils vs. Bluejays. Jahii Carson faces his toughest test yet against Doug McDermott and 14th-ranked Creighton. Get in the conversation.

Jahii Carson against Arkansas
Jahii Carson against Arkansas
Steve Rodriguez / ASU Media Relations

Arizona State takes on Creighton at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Jays are ranked 14th overall, and both teams are undefeated going into this contest. Should ASU pull off the victory, they will likely be ranked for the first time in a few years.

Earlier this afternoon, we broke down the five keys to a Sun Devil victory over Creighton. Most importantly, Jordan Bachynski must stay out of foul trouble. Then, Jahii Carson and the Devils must take care of the ball and limit turnovers.

Finally, Doug McDermott must be contained. One of the best players in America, McDermott will put up big points if you let him. ASU must make the supporting cast work hard for every basket and limit McDermott's impact on the game for the Sun Devils to take home a 5-0 record.

This is the official open thread for the big game. Lets get it going in the comments. Go Devils!