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Arizona State vs. Oregon State: The Key Numbers That Led to the 36-26 Loss

ASU lost a key game to Oregon State, and we take a deeper look into the key numbers that shaped the outcome.

Steve Dykes

The most important numbers clearly are 36-26, the final score in Arizona State's loss to Oregon State. But there were several factors that conspired to create the Sun Devils' third-straight defeat.

Let's take a look at the key figures that helped create the disappointing outcome in Corvallis.

2 - Catches by Marion Grice before the team's final drive, in which Oregon State was in a prevent defense. Much, much too low.

4 - Number of third down conversions out of 17 by the Sun Devil offense.

7 - Touches by ASU running back D.J. Foster, an entirely unacceptable figure.

7.2 - Yards-per-catch by ASU's wide receivers and tight end Chris Coyle. The group could not get open downfield, forcing Kelly into mostly ineffective dumpoffs and screens.

19.1 - Yards-per-completion by Oregon State, who had 267 yards on 14 catches, including 50 and 49-yard touchdowns.

35 - Career touchdowns by Cameron Marshall after his first quarter touchdown run. He trails all-time ASU leader Woody Green by 8.

37 - Distance of Jon Mora's missed field goal, which was badly shanked wide left. The Sun Devil kicking woes continue.

53.7% - Taylor Kelly's completion percentage, a season-low.

66 - Longest punt by Josh Hubner, who continues a great season. He averaged 45.7 yards on his eight punts.

88.2 - Taylor Kelly's passer rating, far and away a season-low.

224 - Rushing yards surrendered to Torren Ward (153), Markus Wheaton and Malcolm Agnew. ASU had no answer for the Beaver ground game and missed several tackles.

224 (again) - Combined receiving yards by Markus Wheaton (108) and Brandin Cooks (116) on 10 receptions. Wheaton scored a 50-yard touchdown, and Cooks had a 49-yard scoring catch.

226 - Total offense by ASU before their final drive, which started with just 2:26 left in the game and Oregon State in a prevent defense with a 17-point lead.

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