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Why the Graham/Sparky in 2012 Ticket Deserves Your Vote on Election Day

It is Election Day in this great nation, and before you head out to the polls, we remind you why your vote should go to the Graham/Sparky ticket.

Alright ASU fans...let's hit the campaign trail on Election Day and hear why you should cast your vote of confidence in Todd Graham and this program.

"My fellow Sun Devils, as you head out of your homes and into polling places throughout our great country today, I want to take a moment to discuss with you the issues that is on all of our minds: The State of Sun Devil Nation.

Without question, these are trying times for Sun Devils everywhere.

Arizona State has lost three straight games, and a once promising season is now clouded in uncertainty. Fan confidence polls show that popular support is dwindling. The citizens of Sun Devil Nation are growing weary, impatient and increasingly fearful of another late-season recession. These are trials that can undo a program, set it back several years and create prolonged fan apathy.

However, my Sun Devil faithful, there is hope. There are legitimate reasons to believe that a new day is coming. For the first time in years, there are tangible examples of the progress that so many have sought for so long.

Before we embark on a better tomorrow, it's crucial that we understand just where things stood not one year ago.

The previous administration did many wonderful things during their time in office. They brought a share of the Pac-12 title home to Tempe. They brought the great Omar Bolden and Brock Osweiler to the Valley, among many other standout players. They...uh...well, they did some pretty good things.

However, their regime also brought about many problems that still resonate throughout our communities today. Penalty yardage hit an all-time high. Discipline, accountability and pride, core tenets of the Sun Devils way, were treated with utter disdain. Father and sons, and mothers and daughters watched in horror as the 2011 season crumbled before their eyes as a mounting series of obstacles turned this once proud program into a national punchline.

For four long years, the Sun Devils Way was allowed to devolve and deteriorate, ultimately falling dangerously close to the level of that southern school of which we do not speak.

The fact of the matter is that the damage these issues created is not something that can be fixed overnight. The cure to these ailments is found in the hard work, dedication and vision of this administration. We have recognized a course of action, and are aggressively pursuing it, and progress is already being made.

Penalty yardage is down 63%. Sacks by the defense is on pace to be up 120%. We have found many stars of tomorrow, who are impacting the games of today. We have won key recruiting battles abroad, but most importantly, here in our own backyard. We have strengthened and restored our connections to the glory years of our past, so that we may once again achieve such heights in the future.

These are just the very first of many critical problems to be solved, attitudes to be changed and challenges to be conquered. Slowly but surely, we are laying the foundation for a championship program.

No one person built Sun Devil Nation. It's greatness lies in the fact that it is the product of the work and aspirations of players, coaches, fans and alumni over the years. Sun Devil Nation is at its greatest when it is united under the maroon-and-gold banner, when the support is full and unwavering.

If Sun Devil Nation can hold to those ideals through these times of trial, there is nothing we can't accomplish. As long as all who support Sun Devil football stand as one, the program moves forward.

Together, we can build this program into the powerhouse we all know it can be. Together, we can return the Sun Devils to the pinnacle of the Pac-12.

Together we can Speak Victory.

Thank you, and may Sparky bless Tempe."

- A head coaching campaign speech if such things existed, maybe

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