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ASU vs. USC: The Statistical Head-to-Head Preview

A statistical look at Saturday's game shows some interesting advantages in every facet of the game

Norm Hall

For Sun Devil fans, the second team on the "Most Hated List" behind Arizona is the USC Trojans, and this Saturday, the Sun Devils will travel to Pasadena to battle the Trojans in a match-up of teams looking to snap some late season skids.

We compiled the key numbers from each team into one handy chart to see which team had the advantages. Taking a look at the chart, a few things jump out:

  • The ASU pass defense was torched last week, and face their toughest test of the year. Can the Sun Devils shut down Marqise Lee and Robert Woods? No. But how much can they limit their damage?
  • Thanks to the utter blitzkrieging at the hands of Oregon, USC's defensive ranks are all behind the Sun Devils, who have struggled in their own right over the last three weeks.
  • Both teams are in the top 10 in both sacks and tackles-for-loss. This could be a battle of big plays, both offensively and defensively.

Arizona_st Usc_logo_medium
Advantage Conf National Actual Category Actual National Conf
Rank Rank Rank Rank
Asu_icon_2_medium 4th 41st 187.7 Rushing Offense 152.0 75th 7th
6th 40th 270.1 Passing Offense 312.7 17th 3rd
Logo_usc_medium 5th 31st 457.8 Total Offense 464.7 25th 4th
Asu_icon_2_medium 2nd 22nd 37.0 Scoring Offense 36.9 24th 4th
Logo_usc_medium 8th 75th 171.8 Rushing Defense 156.9 61st 6th
Asu_icon_2_medium 1st 13th 105.90 Pass Efficiency Defense 123.21 45th 6th
Asu_icon_2_medium 1st 7th 161.6 Pass Defense 249.6 77th 7th
Asu_icon_2_medium 2nd 24th 333.3 Total Defense 406.4 65th 8th
Asu_icon_2_medium 5th 42nd 23.2 Scoring Defense 24.2 49th 7th
Asu_icon_2_medium 2nd 2nd 4.22 Sacks 3.33 7th 4th
Asu_icon_2_medium 2nd 2nd 9.11 Tackles for Loss 7.56 8th 3rd
PUSH 5th 40th +.33 Turnover Margin +.33 40th 5th
Logo_usc_medium 10th 83rd 7.13 Punt Returns 8.6 62nd 8th
Logo_usc_medium 4th 30th 24.0 Kickoff Returns 27.4 8th 2nd
Logo_usc_medium 2nd 14th 40.4 Net Punting 40.6 11th 1st
Logo_usc_medium 8th Tied - 100th 2.89 Sacks Allowed 1.33 24th 2nd
Asu_icon_2_medium 3rd 70th 39.4% 3rd Down Conversions 35.9% 94th 5th

Thanks to our friends at Ralphie Report for the inspiration for this feature (and HTML code).

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