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Hyundai Fanthropology: Tell Us Why You're The Most Loyal Fan & Win a Trip to a Bowl Game

If you're a rabid college football fan, let us know how crazy you are, and you can win a trip to a bowl game

Who knew Buster Bluth had a Sparky mask?
Who knew Buster Bluth had a Sparky mask?

Our friends at Hyundai love college football. Who doesn't? But they really love it and so they came to us with a mission: Find the biggest college football fan around. So we are, and in doing so, you can get hooked up with tickets, airfare and lodging to a bowl game

How does this work, you ask? Simple.

Respond to this post in the Comments section about why you are the most loyal and biggest fan around. We'll then select a finalist from those comments, and give you a spot on the House of Sparky homepage to showcase your fandom with an interview with us.

If our prestigious SB Nation panel then selects your entry, you win and get the full hook up of two tickets, airfare and hotel for the bowl game of your choosing.

Did you name your child after Randall McDaniel? Do you have an image of "The Catch" tattooed on your forearm? Have you missed the birth of a child because you had Sun Devil tickets?

Let us know. Wow us. Tell us just how much you made a Wildcat fear the fork (legally, of course). The more details and devoted, the better.

By commenting below, you are subject to and accept the terms and conditions of the Hyundai Fanthropology Sweepstakes.