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ASU vs. Navy: The Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl Statistical Head-to-Head Preview

A statistical look at the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl shows the Sun Devils having the edge in just about every area.

Danny Wild-USA TODAY Sports

    Arizona_st Navy_medium
    Advantage Conf National Actual Category Actual National Conf
    Rank Rank Rank Rank
    4th 38th 190.8 Rushing Offense 275.6 6th n/a
    Asu_icon_2_medium 6th 46th 258.5 Passing Offense 110.4 117th n/a
    Asu_icon_2_medium 5th 31st 449.3 Total Offense 386.0 79th n/a
    Asu_icon_2_medium 3rd 21st 36.4 Scoring Offense 24.8 84th n/a
    Asu_icon_2_medium 10th 75th 172.0 Rushing Defense 178.0 79th n/a
    Asu_icon_2_medium 1st 11th 105.16 Pass Efficiency Defense 138.5 85th n/a
    Asu_icon_2_medium 1st 12th 178.8 Pass Defense 210.9 35th n/a
    Asu_icon_2_medium 2nd 26th 350.8 Total Defense 388.9 55th n/a
    Navy_icon_medium 5th 41st 24.0 Scoring Defense 22.7 31st n/a
    Asu_icon_2_medium 1st 2nd 4.00 Sacks 1.50 94th n/a
    Asu_icon_2_medium 2nd 2nd 8.83 Tackles for Loss 4.42 102nd n/a
    Asu_icon_2_medium 5th 36th +.56 Turnover Margin .00 59th n/a
    6th 76th 7.2 Punt Returns 8.8 62nd n/a
    Navy_icon_medium 6th 53th 22.2 Kickoff Returns 22.4 50th n/a
    Asu_icon_2_medium 1st 6th 45.3 Net Punting 38.7 30th n/a
    Navy_icon_medium 8th 111th 3.17 Sacks Allowed 1.67 47th n/a
    Navy_icon_medium 5th 63rd 40.1% 3rd Down Conversions 41.6% 52nd n/a

    Thanks to our friends at Ralphie Report for the inspiration for this feature (and HTML code).

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