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Examining Will Sutton's Draft Situation with Siri

With such an important question looming over the Sun Devil program, there's only one resource to turn to...


It's the number one topic discussed around Sun Devil water coolers far and wide. It's resolution will carry with it huge implications for next season and beyond.

Will junior defensive tackle Will Sutton forgo his senior year and enter the NFL Draft?

This is an issue that will require careful evaluation of the highest order, so naturally, we talked to the one entity that knows all: Siri.

What is your evaluation of Will Sutton as a draft prospect?

"I don't know anything about the draft. Sorry about that."

Well, at least she still knows more than Matt Millen. So there's that. Let's continue.

Do you think that Will Sutton will leave school early?

"I think, therefore I am. But let's not put Descartes before the horse."


Will Will Sutton be a first round pick?

"I think differently."

Uh oh. That's a bucket of cold water to the face.

Is it a mistake to leave ASU early?

"It doesn't sound good."

So there you have it. Siri, in all her Apple-programmed wisdom, thinks that Will Sutton should remain a Sun Devil in 2013. In any event, she can't be any worse than McShay.