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Final "Going Deep" Podcast of 2012

Going Deep's last show during 2012 is a must listen. The crew recaps ASU's year athletically, debates whether the Lakers problems are fixable and plenty more.

Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

We've come to the final Going Deep of 2012 has sadly come to an end. The show marks our very own Ben Haber's last radio stint until next September as he travels abroad to Scotland next semester. However, the great Robby Baker, Austin Controulis and a new member will carry on strong at some point during January.

The finale starts by recapping ASU's athletics now compared to last year. Obviously, the Devils are improving and find out why the cast is collectively optimistic.

Segment two delves into the last round of "Mas O Menos". The three questions featured are: NFL Draft predictions, Facebook fantasy football rants and Pac-12 Bowl success.

Since Christmas time is approaching, we forecast some gifts the local Arizona Cardinals and Phoenix Suns should be asking for. The lists seemed to be never ending, as both teams need drastic change immediately.

Getting bored with agreement? No worries, the Great Debate question mixes everything up: Should the Lakers be panicking? Robby believes the LA should be panicking, while Ben thinks it's slightly premature.

We wrap the show up with weekly "That-A-Babe" and "Killing-Me-Smalls" honors. In addition, Robby put together an awesome/funny montage of Going Deep's greatest moments.

Remember everyone, this is simply a temporary leave of absence. New ideas, concepts, segments and guests are already being planned, and Going Deep will only blossom going forward.

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