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One More Day to Donate in the Sun Devils Unite Food Drive

We're closing in on 10,000 meals donated to St. Mary's Food Bank

Christian Petersen

Time is running out to hit 10,000.

As you may have heard, with Arizona State soon to battle Navy in the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl, we teamed with,, Cactus Sports and the ASU hockey team to do a little hunger fighting of our own.

We initially launched our food drive with the goal of raising 4,242 meals for St. Mary's Food Bank. We recently passed 8,000 meals and are now closing in on our new goal of 10,000.

Think about that. 10,000 meals given to those in need. That goes a long way in making a true difference.

But we're not there yet. The drive ends tomorrow (December 28th) night, so this is your last chance to donate to the cause to help Sun Devil Nation hit the goal.

Here's how you can help.

Food Donations

Drop off your canned goods and other non-perishable items at Cactus Sports in Tempe. Cactus Sports is located at 401 S. Mill Ave # 106, which is on the far north end on the east side the the street, next to Rula Bula.

While there, be sure to pick up some ASU gear, because there's no better spot for that than Cactus Sports. We give a big thanks to Troy Scoma for graciously allowing his store to be a drop off location.

Online Donations

Did you know that just $1 results in St. Mary's being able to provide seven meals to those in need? You do now. So yes, that means if you give just $25, you are giving 175 meals. That's doing good work.

Every dollar counts, and you can donate directly to St. Mary's Food Bank through their own secure site here.

Whatever the amount of your donation, we ask that you select "Donor Entered Amount" and end it with 42 cents. For example, $25.42, as this helps us track the success of the food drive (and throws in a 42. Can never have too many 42s).

Come on, Sun Devils. Let's keep up this incredible effort and and make an even greater difference this holiday season. We can do it.