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ASU Football: Reviewing the Hits, Misses & "Yikes!" from our Preseason Predictions

Like everyone, we made preseason predictions. Like some, we got a lot right. Like all, we missed some...badly.


The 2012 Sun Devil football season has officially ended.

In the wake of the 62-28 destruction of the Naval Academy, we're going to begin our review of the season, and that includes a look back at the bold predictions that the House of Sparky staff made. Yes, that includes many nice selections, some that were understandable, and others that turned out bad. So, so bad.

Here we go with a look at what Cory Williams, Ben Haber, Cody Ulm and myself thought would happen, and whether it did.

Second Leading Rusher

ACTUAL Brad Cory Ben Cody
Cameron Marshall Marion Grice DJ Foster DJ Foster Marion Grice

With the expectations Marshall had coming into 2012, we didn't bother with selecting a leading rusher, merely who would finish behind him. It almost happened. Grice's 315 yards in the final two games gave him the lead over Marshall (679-582).

Receiving Leaders


ACTUAL Brad Cory Ben Cody
Chris Coyle Chris Coyle J.J. Holliday Jamal Miles Kevin Ozier

Receiving Yards

ACTUAL Brad Cory Ben Cody
Chris Coyle J.J. Holliday Alonzo Agwuenu Rashad Ross Rashad Ross

Receiving TD

ACTUAL Brad Cory Ben Cody
Marion Grice J.J. Holliday Jamal Miles Rashad Ross Rashad Ross

The team's totally muddled picture at wide receiver led to some some varied guesses, but Coyle led the team in receptions (57) and yards (696), and no one saw Grice hauling in eight scoring passes.


ACTUAL Brad Cory Ben Cody
Brandon Magee Steffon Martin Brandon Magee Brandon Magee Brandon Magee

OK, I tried to out-think myself with the Martin pick. Magee is the man.


ACTUAL Brad Cory Ben Cody
Will Sutton Carl Bradford Will Sutton Carl Bradford Jaxon Hood

Bradford and Sutton were battling down the stretch for this, and an early sack by Bradford against Navy gave him the lead...for a while. Sutton notched 2.5 in the game to secure the win, 13 to 11.5. It would be great to see that tandem again in 2013...

Tackles For Loss

ACTUAL Brad Cory Ben Cody
Will Sutton Will Sutton Carl Bradford Will Sutton Will Sutton

The dynamic duo was at it again here, with each going over 20, but the Pac-12 Pat Tillman Defensive Player of the Year's 23.5 made three of us look smart.


ACTUAL Brad Cory Ben Cody
Keelan Johnson Alden Darby Keelan Johnson Keelan Johnson Alden Darby

We all foresaw a Sun Devil safety do big things in this department, and Johnson's strong finish gave him a five to three edge over Darby and Robert Nelson.

Category ACTUAL Brad Cory Ben Cody
Team Passing TD 33 15 17 17 18
Total KR/PR TD 1 2 4 3 3
Top/Bottom in NCAA in Penalties Top Bottom Top Bottom Bottom
Over/Under 2,000 Rushing Yards Over Over Over Over Over
Most Important Win Arizona Arizona Missouri Arizona Missouri
Worst Loss UCLA UCLA UCLA Utah Utah
1st/2nd Team All-Pac-12ers 4 3 3 4 -
1st/2nd Team All-Americans 2 0 1 0 -
QBs to Start 1 3 1 2 -
Over/Under, DJ Foster Total Offense: 600 Over Over Over Over -
Over/Under, Team Sacks: 36 Over Over Over Over -
Marshall Breaks Green's TD Record? No No Yes No -
Over/Under, Total QB Rush Yards: 400 Over Under Over Over -
Over/Under, Team FG %: 70% Under Under Over Over
First Points in 2012? Marshall TD run Garoutte FG Kelly TD run Ross TD catch -
South Division Finish 3rd 3rd 4th 3rd -
Final Record 8-5 5-7 6-6 7-5 5-7