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ASU Football: D.J. Foster on Early Success, Favorite Plays and Future Goals

We talk to the Sun Devils' freshman All-American on a number of topics, including beating Arizona, hitting the wall, and his favorite play of the year.

Christian Petersen

House of Sparky: With nearly a full season under your belt, how has the college game compared to your expectations coming out of high school?

D.J. Foster: It's been crazy. I've had ups and downs. It's a lot of hard work, and I've never worked this hard in my life academically and physically. Just getting here from Saguaro just shows that it all paid off and I'm so happy

HoS: How do you evaluate your freshman season?

DF: I think I did a good job. There's still a lot that I can work on. Just getting more athletic, more physical, just getting the blocking down. There's still a lot more that I can work on. I'll definitely take that into the offseason to motivate me for the next season.

HoS: You were named a freshman All-American by Fox Sports NEXT. What does that honor mean to you?

DF: I just represent that for my family. Everyone that gave me the opportunity and the coaches that put their trust to me, putting me out on the field and allowing me to make plays. I'm just grateful to all them and I'm just truly blessed to be in that position.

HoS: What were your thought on your first Duel in the Desert experience?

DF: It was fun. I know the history, and it was fun being in that situation and going against those guys. I know a lot of those guys and a lot of my friends go down there. It was a lot of fun being a part of that rivalry and starting off my career with a win against them.

HoS: How important was it for this team to bring home the Cup in Coach Graham's first season?

DF: It was 100%. I'm just glad for the seniors, ending their career with a win. I've become close to them and they have helped me a lot and I really hope I go undefeated against them in the years that I am here.

HoS: You made a number of big time plays this year for the team, but which one was your personal favorite?

DF: That catch against UCLA that could have been the game-winner. Definitely that catch. Ending the game with that was definitely exciting.

HoS: There's always that talk about freshman "hitting the wall" at the longer and more physically taxing NCAA level. How are you feeling now after 12 tough games with one more still to go?

DF: I felt like I did great. My coaches put me in a position. That's why they made me work hard because they knew my potential and what they expected from me. I just tried to work hard at practice every day, and they just pushed me harder and harder as the season progressed.

HoS: What's your scouting report on the Navy defense?

DF: They play a three-down front. They don't like tempo, so that's our game plan. Go fast. Do what we've been doing all year, and just keep the tempo going.

HoS: What areas of improvement are on the top of your list to address over the offseason?

DF: I gotta gain weight, that's my number one thing. Gain weight and just get more athletic. That's the main thing.

HoS: Next year, a lot of people are expecting great things from you and Marion Grice. How potent of a 1-2 combo can you guys be?

DF: I think we're going to be very exciting next year. I can't wait until this offseason. He and I know what we can accomplish next year. We're definitely going to be getting together and getting some goals together. We know we're going to be good together next year.