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Sun Devil Spotlight: Breaking Down Cameron Marshall's Beastly TD Run

It has been seven weeks since the Sun Devils have taken a snap on the field and the football withdrawals are out in full force. Thankfully, spring practices start in a little less than a month. To ensure you keep your fix of Sun Devil football action, we at House of Sparky are going to breakdown some of the top moments from 2011.

First up is Cameron Marshall's beastly touchdown run against Oregon State.

The Situation: The No. 25 Sun Devils were clinging to a 21-20 lead over winless Oregon State with 6:34 left to go in the third quarter. ASU had overcome three Brock Osweiler turnovers on the team's first three possessions to take a 21-13 halftime lead, but the Beavers had just scored on the previous possession to make it a one-point game.

The Playcall: Marshall had been held in check all game long, with his seven carries only totaling 13 yards. Facing a first and 10 from the Oregon State 37, offensive coordinator Noel Mazzone called a power run to the right out of a three-wide shotgun formation, with Marshall and Jamal Miles in the backfield behind Osweiler.

The Play: Miles went in motion from Osweiler's right to the left flat. Osweiler took the snap and gave the handoff to Marshall running up the middle. Center Garth Gerhart had kicked out to the right and engaged an Oregon State linebacker. Gerhart's block popped the linebacker to the perimeter and into Marshall's path, but Marshall spun out of his tackle and an additional tackle coming from the defensive tackle on the backside who had been engaged with left guard Mike Marcisz.

Turning upfield, Marshall got a good block on from wide receiver Aaron Pflugrad on cornerback Jordan Poyer, who dove at Marshall's feet. Marshall ran through Poyer's hands as linebacker Cameron Collins closed from the backside. Ahead of Marshall was safety Anthony Watkins, who went in for the head-first tackle as Collins grabbed Marshall from behind. As the three men converged...

BAM! In a violent collision, Marshall ran over Watkins and knocked Collins to the side. To his credit, Collins did not give up on the play, as he rose quickly to grab Marshall again, but as you see in the photo, Marshall gave him a wicked stiff arm and knocked him to the ground (reverse angle photo and close up).

Marshall then turned on the jets and cornerback Rashaad Reynolds' last ditch swipe at the three-yard line could not stop Marshall's amazing touchdown run.

The Aftermath: Marshall's amazing touchdown run would give ASU a little breathing room, and his second touchdown run, coming on the second play of the fourth quarter, sealed the Sun Devils' 35-20 victory.

Thanks to JediASU for the video. Check out his YouTube channel for more great ASU content.

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