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ASU Draft News: Brock Osweiler Projected As Late First Round Pick By ESPN’s Todd McShay

Who could've imagined? Brock Osweiler, who decided to forego his senior year at Arizona State to enter the NFL Draft, has seen his stock rise significantly since he made his announcement. Though the draft is still more than a month away (it begins on Thursday, April 26th), ESPN's Todd McShay has heaped on tremendous praise to Osweiler's abilities and has him as a top-five QB option.

Check out the latest of what McShay had to say about Osweiler on Tuesday over at Arizona Sports. McShay has been a huge Osweiler fan since the early days of this year's college football offseason, so maybe this shouldn't come as much of a surprise. Still, these are McShay's words about ASU's most recent starting quarterback:

"The more I watch, the more I love it. He's a competitor...he's accurate despite unusual mechanics and that unusual release. I would draft Brock Osweiler in the late first round range."

More than a few people were scratching their heads when Osweiler announced that he was leaving ASU earlier this year. Based on McShay's thoughts, though, it looks like he may have made a brilliant decision.

What are your thoughts on Osweiler as a late first round pick? Questionable? Justified? Leave your thoughts in the Comments section below.