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NFL Combine: Brock Osweiler No Longer 6-8, Draft Stock Improved?

When I was growing up, I always feared going to the doctor for my physical. Being relatively short, there was no excitement involved in the prospect.

Brock Osweiler, on the other hand, has boosted his draft stock by being measured at 6-6 7/8 tall, instead of the often-referenced 6-8 height that he was listed at while playing for Arizona State.'s Rob Rang first reported the news via Twitter.

Despite being shorter than originally believed, a 6-7 frame gives Osweiler an edge and allows NFL scouts and executives to compare him more accurately to other tall quarterbacks. For example, Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco is listed at 6-6 and he has done pretty well for himself.

Sure, being 6-8 is a fun piece of trivia for uninspired announcers to conveniently throw out when there's nothing insightful to say, but it also scares off those who assume there is a lack of mobility or athleticism. Images of a big tree being snapped in half come to mind, it's just natural.

This is good news for Mr. Osweiler at the end of the day. It's bad news for those who are oversensitive to minute detail. Osweiler was likely 6-8 when wearing shoes; either way, he's still really tall.