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Brock Osweiler NFL Combine: Draft Stock, Career Projections

Our buddy Brock Osweiler is headed to the NFL Draft, and we're here every step of the way to fill you in on what he brings to the table at the next level.

Brad and I are going to break down where we think he's headed and what we think he will do once he gets there.

Brad Denny on Osweiler's draft stock:

Back in August, people were speculating exactly where in the first round Vontaze Burfict would be drafted, and just how well Brock Osweiler would do over the next two years as ASU's starting quarterback.

How times have changed.

With Burfict's implosion and Osweiler's early entry, it is now Osweiler who could become the first Sun Devil to be taken in the first round since Terrell Suggs in 2003.

Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III are the consensus top quarterbacks and rightfully so. But after they're off the board-probably no later than the fourth pick-there's a large debate among draftniks on who the third quarterback will be.

Many like Texas A&M's Ryan Tannehill, others like Oklahoma State's elder statesman Brandon Weeden. Arizona's Nick Foles has the prototypical build for the position, while Michigan State's Kirk Cousins is a guy flying under the radar that I really like.

And then there's Osweiler. Some people (such as ESPN's Todd McShay) are in love with his pro-ready build, powerful arm and leadership. Others are more leery, seeing only a single good, not great, season as a starter.

With two months to go until the NFL Draft, a lot can and will change. Big boards will be done and re-done, as Combine numbers, team workouts and private interviews fluctuate draft stock daily.

In the end, Osweiler's excellent size (6'6 7/8", 242 pounds), powerful arm, very good mobility and intelligence and leadership abilities will have more than one team falling in love with him. At this point, I don't think he ends ASU's nine-year first round drought, but it'll be close.

Brad Denny's Official Prediction (as of now): Washington Redskins, 2nd Round, 39th Overall


Okay, so Brad thinks the Washington Redskins will draft Brock Osweiler. We're going to go with this hypothetical and talk about the next five years of his NFL career.

The 'Skins will go into 2012 with three quarterbacks: Rex Grossman, John Beck and Osweiler. Grossman and Beck are loathed by the Washington fanbase and many of them are pining for Peyton Manning to play at FedEx Field next season.

We can presume that Manning will not go to Washington, as Miami and Arizona will be aggressively pursuing his wares should Indianapolis release him.

With Osweiler in the mix against a few unpopular D.C. quarterbacks, it may be tempting to ask for the rookie to play immediately. This, of course, would be a disaster.

No matter who is playing in front of Osweiler, he needs to hold a clipboard next year, get to know the level of competition, and work on taking snaps under center and his five-step drop.

In 2013, Osweiler should be ready to take over the quarterback position for Washington, and April 2013 should bring him some WR talent with the Redskins' inevitable high draft pick.

As long as Osweiler focuses on improving his NFL fundamentals and isn't rushed along like Blaine Gabbert was in Jacksonville this season, he has every opportunity to become a productive quarterback at the next level. Knowing Washington, they'll probably mess that up.