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2012 NFL Combine: Gerell Robinson Results & Analysis

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When it comes to Arizona State wide receivers in the NFL, there is plenty of bad history over the last 25 years. Gerell Robinson, coming off one of the best seasons in school history, is looking to use his outstanding 2011 as a springboard to buck that trend.

The first step in that process came this weekend at the annual NFL Scouting Combine. Robinson was one of six Devils who are in Indianapolis. Here is how Robinson performed.

Size: Robinson officially measured 6'3 1/8" and 227 pounds. That makes him a little shorter than the 6'4" he was listed at ASU, but in cleats, it's not too much of a difference. He was the sixth tallest wide receiver prospect and the second-heaviest.

Hands: Robinson's hands measured 10 1/8", giving him some of the biggest mitts among the group. Those massive hands helped Robinson catch the ball well as a senior, especially in traffic.

40-Yard Dash: This was the most critical event for Robinson in Indianapolis. No one expected him to be a blazing deep threat, but with Robinson's size and hands were known to be good, but it was key that he run a good time in the 40 to show he he can be a complete threat. He turned in an unofficial time of 4.53 seconds, which would have been a great time, but officially he is credited with a 4.62, which was not the kind of time that would have helped Robinson lift his stock.

Vertical Jump: Robinson turned in a vertical leap of 35.5", which was 20th out of the 34 receivers. It's an decent but not great number. Given his size, a better vertical number could have solidified his spot as a big target who can "go get it" in traffic.

Broad Jump: Another underwhelming number came in the broad jump. Robinson posted a standing jump of 9'5", which was another middle-of-the-road number. The event measures lower body explosive ability, and Robinson has never been noted as particularly explosive, so this number fits.

Bench Press: Robinson did not participate in the bench press event.

20-Yard Shuttle: Robinson did better in the 20-yard shuttle drill, which, helps helps measure lateral speed. He had a time of 4.15 seconds, which ranked 12th among the prospects.

60-Yard Shuttle: Robinson did not participate in the 60-yard shuttle event.

3-Cone Drill: Robinson did not participate in the 3-cone drill event.

Overall Analysis: Overall, the results for Robinson were average and as of now, it is hard to think his stock has changed much. His primary strengths--size, hands--remain, and the questions of his speed remain. Robinson is the type of player whose game film may be better than his measurable, and his demonstrated ability to catch the ball in traffic is a very valuable asset. In addition, his blocking ability is excellent, so he could draw parallels as a taller Hines-Ward type.

Robinson still projects to be a late-round pick, but with nearly two months left to go and his ASU Pro Day upcoming on March 16th, he still has time to elevate his stock.

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