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Helping You To Fill This Weekend's Football Void

Here we are, another Saturday without the splendor of football. Hurts, doesn't it?

Yeah, we feel you. But fear not, Sun Devil faithful, as Arizona State opens up their spring practices on March 13th. Just hold on for a few more days...

To help get you through the weekend, here are some great recent pieces of Sun Devil football content that we hope helps your gridiron withdrawals.

* * * * * * *

The Speak of the Devils podcast has been sitting down with some of the best current Sun Devil players, as well as some of the recent greats. Check out their recent talks with:

Deantre Lewis: The sophomore running back discusses his gunshot injury, the difficulty of sitting out last season, the challenges of rehab, the new coaching staff and his future. Click here to stream or listen via iTunes

Brandon Magee: The senior linebacker speaks victory, going in-depth on missing last season, his comeback trail and why he's approaching 2012 with a vengeance. Click here to stream or listen via iTunes

Alonzo Agwuenu: One of the most intriguing prosepects in the 2012 class, the juco transfer wide receiver should become a major factor in 2012. Get to know this explosive playmaker. Click here to stream or listen via iTunes

Rudy Burgess: An all-time fan favorite, Burgess discusses his versatile ASU career, his time in the pros and why he came back to work for ASU. Click here to stream or listen via iTunes

Jeremy Staat: A proud example of a true Sun Devil, Staat discusses his heralded ASU career, his service in the Marine Corps, his foundation and the current Wall-to-Wall Bicycle Ride. Click here to stream or listen via iTunes

* * * * * * *

House of Sparky has been releasing a series of in-depth Spring Practice Primers to get you ready for the storylines of the spring ball.

Who Will Step Up At Linebacker?

Shoring Up The Secondary

Breaking Down The Wide Receiver Competition

Can Alex Garoutte Rebound?

Follow me (@BDenny29) and House of Sparky (@HouseOfSparky) on Twitter for the latest updates on ASU football, including new primers early next week.