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Join SB Nation's Wisdom Of The Crowds Bracket On Yahoo! Sports

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Fans of Arizona State basketball by now are used to filling out their NCAA Tournament brackets without the complicating matter of having their loyalty for the Sun Devils get in the way.

With only two tournament appearances in the millennium, Sun Devil basketball still remains on their quest for consistent hardwood success. Despite a thrilling win over Arizona to cap the regular season, a first round loss to Stanford in the Pac-12 Tournament mercifully ended ASU's season at a dreadful 10-21.

But while the Sun Devils will be missing out on the dance, you won't have to, thanks to SB Nation and Yahoo! Sports.

You can now fill in your ASU-less NCAA Tournament bracket in the "Wisdom of the Crowds" pool. Compete against fans worldwide and finally defeat that office secretary who wins every year by picking based on team colors.

So be sure to get your bracket into the SB Nation's "Wisdom of the Crowds" on the Yahoo! Sports network today, because someone with ASU ties should have a successful NCAA Tournament run.