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Jeremy Staat's Wall-To-Wall Bike Ride Reaches ASU (VIDEO)

Jeremy Staat, the former Arizona State football player who also played in the NFL, made his return to ASU last week as part of the Wall-To-Wall Bike Ride. The event seeks to raise awareness about veteran issues through a cross-country bike ride, and the journey brought Staat back to his alma mater last Thursday as he spoke to ASU fans.

Staat joined the United States Marine Force in 2006 following his football career, and he has since been passionately devoted to the cause of honoring our nation's soldiers. His efforts have spawned the creation of the Jeremy Staat Foundation and the ongoing Wall-To-Wall Bike Ride.

The event, which Staat is undertaking with fellow Iraq veteran Wesley Barrientos, spans 4,163 miles across 15 states and 100 days. The duo is roughly one-fifth of the way done with their trip, and Thursday marked Day 19 as the two arrived at ASU.

Below is a video of Staat and Barrientos speaking at ASU. Their mission and their perseverance are truly remarkable, and they serve as a worthy reminder to us all about the importance of honoring our veterans.

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Jeremy Staat's Wall-To-Wall Bike Ride Reaches ASU (via sbnhouseofsparky)