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Another ASU-Less NCAA Tournament Bracket: Top 10 Ideas On How To Pass The Time

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Another NCAA Tournament, another quiet March for the Sun Devils. It's become a sad routine in the post-James Harden era. Hopefully better days are ahead, with Jahii Carson and a host of new players hitting the hardwood.

However, that doesn't help the here and now. But this does.

To help Sun Devil Nation pass the time, here are the "Top 10 Things To Get You Through An ASU-less Tournament", 2012 version.

10) Take a drink every time an ASU basketball player transfers.

9) Play "Where in the World is Ike Diogu?"

8) Ask Rick Neuheisel for advice on your office pool.

7) Read House of Sparky's Spring Football Primers for in-depth looks at ASU football.

6) Monitor the radiation levels coming from Baylor's uniforms.

5) Research how ASU has 13 NCAA Tournament appearances but 14 losses.

4) With Brett Kiesel now shaved, find a front row seat for the upcoming epic battle of the beards between ASU's favorite son James Harden and Brian Wilson. There can be only one.

3) Cheer on ASU's water polo team, ranked No. 5 in the nation.

2) Preach the gospel of "Speaking Victory" from atop "A" Mountain (bonus points, name the mountain's actual name?).

1) Join SB Nation's Wisdom of the Crowd's bracket pool, and show off your NCAA hoops savvy.

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