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Sun Devil Sweet 16 Tournament Round 1: Pat Tillman Vs. Luis Zendejas

Will Luis Zendejas kick his way to victory? (Photo: ASU)
Will Luis Zendejas kick his way to victory? (Photo: ASU)

The Sun Devil Sweet 16 Tournament marches on. Three match-ups are open, and now it's time to finish up the Kush Region battles.

(If you've missed the previous battles, check them out and vote here.)

Kush Region - First Round

#2 seed Pat Tillman vs. #3 seed Luis Zendejas

The Case for Tillman

Clearly, Tillman is a true American hero for his service and sacrifice for America. However, for this vote, we will only (or at least try to) consider his career at ASU.

Tillman was an undersized linebacker with an oversized heart. He steadily improved over his first two seasons before breaking out as a key force in ASU's magical 1996 Rose Bowl team. With his long blonde hair flowing behind him, he registered 91 tackles and made four interceptions while earning second team All Pac-10 honors.

As a senior in 1997, he was simply magnificent. With 97 tackles, 15 tackles for loss, four sacks and three interceptions, he easily took home the Pac-10 Defensive Player of the Year award.

The Case for Zendejas

When you are the NCAA's all-time leader in a major category, chances are you had a stellar collegiate career. Yes, even for a kicker.

Such was the case for Zendejas. He ended his Sun Devil career with 380 points, which at the time was the NCAA record. While that mark has fallen, it's still good enough for the school record by 40 points. He also stands as the Sun Devils' all-time leader in career (81) and single-season (28) field goals.

For good measure, he was a consensus All-American selection in 1983.

So there you have it. The cases have been laid out, so now it's time to vote on who advances to the next round. Coming Thursday morning: Randall McDaniel vs J.D. Hill.