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Sun Devil Sweet 16 Bracket HQ

With no ASU presence in the NCAA Tournament, we decided to fill that void by launching Sun Devil Sweet 16 Tournament. We took 16 of the best players in ASU history, broke them into four regions, seeded them and put the vote to you.

Take a look at the bracket, and start voting for your favorite player below:


VOTE NOW In These First Round Match-Ups

Sparky Region

1) Danny White vs. 4) Derek Hagan

2) John Jefferson vs. 3) Ron Pritchard

Kush Region

1) Woody Green vs. 4) Zach Miller

2) Pat Tillman vs. 3) Luis Zendejas

Maroon Region

1) Randall McDaniel vs. 4) J.D. Hill

2) Jake Plummer vs. 3) Terrell Suggs

Gold Region

1) Mike Haynes vs 4) J.R. Redmond

2) Adam Archuleta vs. 3) Juan Roque

Check back often as this post will be updated as the tournament progresses, and follow House of Sparky on Twitter for the latest updates.