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Sun Devil Sweet 16 Tournament Round 1: Randall McDaniel Vs. J.D. Hill

Will Randall McDaniel block out the speedy J.D. Hill? (Photo: ASU)
Will Randall McDaniel block out the speedy J.D. Hill? (Photo: ASU)

One half of the Sun Devil Sweet 16 bracket is now open, and now we're getting under way with the Maroon region.

Maroon Region First Round

#1 seed Randall McDaniel vs. #4 seed J.D. Hill

The Case For McDaniel

It takes a special kind of player to be among the most acclaimed players in school history from the guard position. Randall McDaniel was that good.

From 1984-1987, he anchored the offensive line, and was in the trenches during the program's defining moment, the 1987 Rose Bowl win over Michigan.

He made 39 consecutive starts and was a two-time All-American selection, including a consensus nod in 1987. He is a member of both the College Football and Professional Football Halls of Fame, a truly remarkable feat.

The Case For Hill

One of greatest athletes that ASU has ever had on campus, Hill was an important contributor during his debut season in 1967. His great speed made him a lethal downfield threat, averaging 17.8 yards per catch and scoring eight touchdowns through, while also tallying 177 yards rushing.

His production tailed off the next year, and he missed 1969 due to disciplinary reasons, but he returned with a vengeance in 1970.

He caught 58 passes for 908 yards and seven touchdowns, had seven carries for 195 yards and another three scores and added a punt return touchdown for good measure. Hill was the dynamic threat on the 11-0 Sun Devil team that finished No. 6 in the AP poll. That performance made him the fourth overall pick in the 1971 NFL Draft.

Coming Thursday at 7:00pm: Jake Plummer vs. Terrell Suggs. Full bracket is here.