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Sun Devil Legends Tournament Moves To Elite 8

Jake Plummer survived a tough first round battle with Terrell Suggs. (Photo: ASU)
Jake Plummer survived a tough first round battle with Terrell Suggs. (Photo: ASU)

The Sun Devil Sweet 16 Tournament has completed first round play, and now the Elite 8 battles will start on Monday morning.

In seven of the eight first round contests, the high seed held serve and advanced, although there were some close calls for the victorious Jake Plummer and Adam Archuleta in their efforts against Terrell Suggs and Juan Roque, respectively. Along with those down-to-the-wire affairs were some major blowouts, with Pat Tillman and Randall McDaniel coasting to the win.

The major story was the match-up between the Sparky Region's top seed Danny White and No. 4 seed Derek Hagan. White jumped out to an early 50-4 voting lead, but the battle would then see 21 lead changes and over 300 votes later, Hagan scored the amazing upset win.

The full results of first round action are:

Sparky Region

4) Derek Hagan upsets 1) Danny White 51% to 48%.

2) John Jefferson cruises over 3) Ron Pritchard 82% to 18%.

Kush Region

1) Woody Green defeats 4) Zach Miller 65% to 35%.

2) Pat Tillman crushes 3) Luis Zendejas 87% to 13%.

Maroon Region

1) Randall McDaniel scores the biggest win of the round, topping 4) J.D. Hill 89% to 11%.

2) Jake Plummer squeaks out a huge win over 3) Terrell Suggs 53% to 47%.

Gold Region

1) Mike Haynes handily defeats 4) J.R. Redmond 83% to 17%.

2) Adam Archuleta narrowly edges 3) Juan Roque 51% to 48%.

The new bracket now looks like:


Check back to House of Sparky on Monday morning when the Regional Finals will commence.