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Sun Devil Legends Tournament Maroon Regional Final: Randall McDaniel Vs. Jake Plummer

Can "The Snake" out do a member of two Halls of Fame? (Photo: ASU)
Can "The Snake" out do a member of two Halls of Fame? (Photo: ASU)

The Sun Devil Legends Tournament is now halfway through the Elite 8, with the Sparky and Kush Regional Finals having started on Monday.

The Maroon Regional final is set up to be an all-time great battle.

The region's top seed, legendary offensive lineman Randall McDaniel, made quick work of No. 4 seed J.D. Hill in the opening round, emerging with a hefty 90% of the votes.

That was not the case in the Maroon Region's other battle. Popular legends Jake Plummer and Terrell Suggs engaged in a tense back-and-forth affair, with "The Snake" ultimately eluding Suggs' pressure for the win.

These two legends now square off for the Maroon Region title and a berth in the Final Four. Read their cases below and vote for your favorite.

Maroon Regional Final

#1 seed Randall McDaniel vs. #2 seed Jake Plummer

The Case for McDaniel

It takes a special kind of player to be among the most acclaimed players in school history from the guard position. Randall McDaniel was that good.

From 1984-1987, he anchored the offensive line, and was in the trenches during the program's defining moment, the 1987 Rose Bowl win over Michigan.

He made 39 consecutive starts and was a two-time All-American selection, including a consensus nod in 1987. He is a member of both the College Football and Professional Football Halls of Fame, a truly remarkable feat.

The Case for Plummer

There may be no more beloved players in recent ASU history than "The Snake".

The lanky Plummer had led the Devils for three unremarkable seasons from 1993-1995. He had done well, but nothing spectacular or memorable. Then came 1996.

Plummer's inspired play was the centerpiece to the team's magical year. He threw for 2,575 yards and 24 touchdowns and led the Sun Devils to within striking distance of the national championship. Plummer also finished third in the Heisman voting.

Vote now for your pick to represent the Maroon Region in the Final Four. Polls close Thursday at 11:59pm PST.