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Brock Osweiler Pro Day Notebook & Observations

Osweiler speaking to the media after his workout (Photo: Brad Denny)
Osweiler speaking to the media after his workout (Photo: Brad Denny)

After not participating physically in either the NFL Scouting Combine or ASU's Pro Day as he rehabbed a foot injury, Brock Osweiler took to the Verde Dickey Dome Field on Friday to work out before the assembled NFL scouts.

I was there on behalf of House of Sparky and here are my takeaways from the event.

- Before Osweiler took to the field, linebacker Vontaze Burfict ran a pair of 40-yard dashes, after his horrendous 5.09 time at the Combine. He place in the 4.8 range, and some even had as low as the high 4.7s. Still not great, but better.

- Osweiler ran two 40-yard dashes, both in the low 4.9 second range. He'll never be the most fluid runner, but as fans have seen, he's got good mobility for his size.

- In pocket mobility drills, Osweiler moved very well, showing excellent footwork and coordination that drew praise from scouts.

- Osweiler showed off a refined throwing motion, which was much more over-the-top than before. His prior three-quarters/Philip Rivers-like motion had some people concerned, but he looked fluid and comfortable with the new mechanics. With his height and new delivery, knocking down balls at the line of scrimmage will be difficult.

- For the most part, Osweiler threw a nice and accurate ball on short routes. Only a few were mildly off target, but everything at that distance was completed. He consistently hit receivers in stride.

- On the intermediate routes, he still very good. His tendency from last season to occasionally uncork a ball that sails high showed up a handful of times, but nothing the receivers couldn't catch. Most every pass was a nice, tight spiral.

- The deep throws posed some trouble. Osweiler throws a very pretty deep ball, but he overthrew Aaron Pflugrad several times on such passes. He'll need to lock in that deep accuracy, but his arm strength was very good.

- Osweiler displayed some excellent touch during the goal line throwing session, including a nice back shoulder touchdown to Mike Willie.

- Overall, Osweiler completed 66 of his 75 throws on the day, the majority of those incompletions on deep ball overthrows.

- Willie had a one-handed grab on a 10-yard out pattern that drew some "oohs" and "ahhs" from the media. See the catch here.

- Pflugrad carried over his strong Pro Day showing into today. He ran crisp routes and made several outstanding receptions. While it still will be a challenge for Pflugrad to be drafted, he'll almost certainly get a camp invite. He has all the makings of a Wes Welker-type.

- Among those in attendance: Jake Plummer, Omar Bolden, Eddie Elder and Dennis Erickson.

- Most every team had a representative there, including Seattle head coach Pete Carroll.

- After his workout, Osweiler said he has visits lined up next week with the Chiefs and Broncos, with trips to meet the Dolphins and Bills later on.

- Overall, it was a strong showing for Osweiler. Granted, it's hard for a quarterback to not look good during a highly scripted event such as his own Pro Day, but nevertheless, he displayed the impressive tools that many have raved about. For all of the many great things he displayed, he clearly has a lot of work to do. While the second round may be a bit optimistic, Osweiler appears now to be at least solidly in the third round discussion.

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