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Introducing The New House Of Sparky YouTube Channel

The time has come. Brace yourself: House of Sparky is proud to announce the launch of its new YouTube channel, which you can find and subscribe to right here.

At this point, you're probably wondering what this announcement really means. As the intro video below will tell you, this YouTube channel provides another dynamic venue for interaction and content for Sun Devil fans everywhere. Whether it be instant analysis before or after games, footage of upcoming events (such as Jeremy Staat's Wall-to-Wall Bicycle Ride) or interviews with players and fans, video provides a worthy supplement to our daily articles and stories.

This YouTube channel does not signal a shift away from our regular blogging in any way. Rather, it represents another arena through which we can all communicate and share our passion as ASU sports fans. More than anything else, we at House of Sparky are dedicated to providing you with the best news and analysis of ASU athletics year-round. YouTube presents a great way to build on our web content and enhance the fan experience for all of our readers.

Of course, we need your help during this start-up period. We're looking for feedback, and we'd love to hear anything and everything that you have to say about our video blogging over the next few months. This is new territory for us, and we need your incredible fan passion to guide us during this pivotal time period.

Don't like what we're doing? Send us a message! Like something in particular? Heap on the positive comments! Want to see us try a new idea that you have? Let us know! You can leave your comments on this post or on the YouTube video page. You can also email any thoughts, comments or concerns that you may have to

Please watch the introduction video listed below and subscribe to our YouTube channel here. Also, keep an eye out for another video in a few hours about tonight's ASU vs. Stanford Pac-12 Conference Tournament opener.

What are your thoughts about House of Sparky extending into the realm of video? Leave your feedback below!

Welcome To House Of Sparky On Youtube (via sbnhouseofsparky)

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