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Blackout! ASU Baseball Debuts New Black Uniforms Tonight

The Devils' new black jersey (Photo: ASU)
The Devils' new black jersey (Photo: ASU)

On Friday night, the USC Trojan will be Blacked Out, when the Arizona State Sun Devils will debut their new all-black uniforms.

Similar to what the football team did in their games against Missouri and Arizona, the Sun Devils will be holding a "Blackout", in which fans will be encouraged to join the team in wearing all black.

The new black hats and jerseys will feature not the typical ASU gold as an accent, but rather copper. That is part of the universities tribute to Arizona's 100th year of statehood.

The jersey features the copper lettering and numbering in the Sun Devil Bold font. The hat features the new pitchfork logo in black outlined in copper, and "Sun Devils" on the back.


First pitch of the game will happen at 6:30pm at Packard Stadium. Before the team trots out the new all-black look, take a look at ASU baseball's looks over the years with this excellent gallery courtesy of ASU.