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The Sporting Gentlemen Break Down Brock Osweiler, Other Quarterbacks

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The big story entering the NFL Draft has centered on QBs over the past few seasons, and this year is no different. There's no question that Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III will be the top two picks, but what about the quarterbacks following them? SB Nation's Dan Rubenstein and Matt Ufford of The Sporting Gentlemen broke down the other notable quarterbacks in this year's draft, including Brock Osweiler. Take a look below:

NFL Draft 2012: Overrated Quarterbacks (via sbnation)

The duo's concerns about Osweiler are definitely valid. He didn't make many college starts, he failed to lead the Sun Devils to wins down the stretch and his play relied heavily on swing passes. The final two concerns may be more a function of the team's second-half implosion and the offense at ASU than Osweiler's own ability, but at this point his draft stock will be conflated with those concerns regardless.

Osweiler showed the ability and leadership to swing games (no pun intended) this year. Those two factors, more than anything else, may be Osweiler's biggest assets on draft day. His passing mechanics are a work in progress, and with his combination of size and speed, a few years of development at the pro level could be all he needs to become a productive NFL starter.

All in all, I see Osweiler fitting in as a third round pick in this year's draft. Where do you think he gets drafted? Vote below and leave your thoughts in the Comments section.