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Sun Devil Legends Tournament Final Four: Jake Plummer Vs. Mike Haynes

Can Jake pull out the upset win? (Photo: ASU)
Can Jake pull out the upset win? (Photo: ASU)

The Sun Devil Legends Tournament is winding down. We are down to the Final Four, and the left side of the bracket opened up earlier today, pitting Spark Region champion and tournament Cinderella Derek Hagan against Kush Region winner Pat Tillman.

We now come to the bracket's right side.

In the Maroon Regional final, we saw two titans do battle, with Randall McDaniel squaring off against Jake "The Snake" Plummer. Despite all of McDaniel's accomplishments, including being a member of both the College and Pro Football Halls of Fame, Plummer scored the decisive win, collecting 71% of the votes.

As lopsided as that was, the Gold Region was even more so. Top seed Mike Haynes went up against Adam Archuleta in a match-up of two of the finest defenders in school history. Any doubt of who would take the title was quickly erased, with Haynes storming to a 74% win.

Now it's down to Plummer and Haynes for a spot in the championship match. Can "The Snake" find a way to collect another victory, or will Haynes be too much to overcome? You decide, so vote now.

The Case for Jake Plummer

There may be no more beloved players in recent ASU history than "The Snake".

The lanky Plummer had led the Devils for three unremarkable seasons from 1993-1995. He had done well, but nothing spectacular or memorable. Then came 1996.

Plummer's inspired play was the centerpiece to the team's magical year. He threw for 2,575 yards and 24 touchdowns and led the Sun Devils to within striking distance of the national championship. Plummer also finished third in the Heisman voting.

The Case for Mike Haynes

Not only is Mike Haynes a member of both the College and Pro Football Halls of Fame, he also has his number retired by both ASU and the New England Patriots.

While a Sun Devil, Haynes was a three-time All-WAC selection from 1973-1975. He was a dominant performer whose ball-hawking skills netted him 11 interceptions in 1974, a total that led the nation. Lou Holtz referred to Haynes as "the best defensive back I've ever seen."

Haynes was also a two-time All-American selection, with a consensus pick in 1975, the same season ASU finished 12-0 and ranked second in the country.

Vote now for your favorite. Polls close Tuesday at 11:59pm PST.