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Sun Devils Legends Tournament Championship Round: Plummer Vs. Tillman

Two legends. One vote. Who gets your's? (Photos: ASU)
Two legends. One vote. Who gets your's? (Photos: ASU)

It has now come down to this.

Three rounds, 16 Sun Devils legends and thousands of votes later, we now have our championship match in the Sun Devil Legends Tournament.

In the first battle of the Final Four, tournament Cinderella Derek Hagan nearly did it again. After toppling No. 1 seed Danny White and then John Jefferson, he faced the legendary Pat Tillman. Tillman held a huge lead for most of the voting round before yet another suspicious last minute ballot-box stuff brought Hagan a lead. However, Tillman had a last minute surge of his own, and topped Hagan by a mere six votes.

The other Final Four match-up had no such drama. No. 2 seed Jake Plummer faced off against the iconic Mike Haynes, the No. 1 seed from the Gold Region. As he had done countless times before, Plummer defied the odds and captured a stunning 62% of the vote to advance to the final round.


So we now have two teammates from that amazing 1997 Rose Bowl team facing off for the championship of the Sun Devil Legends Tournament. Will it be "The Snake" pulling out another incredible win? Or will Tillman's unparalleled heart result in a title? You decide, vote now.

The Case for Jake Plummer

There may be no more beloved players in recent ASU history than "The Snake".

The lanky Plummer had led the Devils for three unremarkable seasons from 1993-1995. He had done well, but nothing spectacular or memorable. Then came 1996.

Plummer's inspired play was the centerpiece to the team's magical year. He threw for 2,575 yards and 24 touchdowns and led the Sun Devils to within striking distance of the national championship. Plummer also finished third in the Heisman voting.

The Case for Pat Tillman

Clearly, Tillman is a true American hero for his service and sacrifice for America. However, for this vote, we will only (or at least try to) consider his career at ASU.

Tillman was an undersized linebacker with an oversized heart. He steadily improved over his first two seasons before breaking out as a key force in ASU's magical 1996 Rose Bowl team. With his long blonde hair flowing behind him, he registered 91 tackles and made four interceptions while earning second team All Pac-10 honors.

As a senior in 1997, he was simply magnificent. With 97 tackles, 15 tackles for loss, four sacks and three interceptions, he easily took home the Pac-10 Defensive Player of the Year award.

Vote now for your favorite. Polls close Wednesday at 11:59pm PST.