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Monday Majority: Have You Donated To The Camp T Fund?

Camp T
Camp T

"It's not Sun Devil football without Camp T!"

"We've not had a winning record since we left Tontozona."

Those were some of the primary sentiments shared by a large and vocal segment of Sun Devil fans over the last several years since ASU moved their fall camp to the Verde Dickey Dome on campus.

However, keeping true to his word of embracing tradition, head coach Todd Graham and new AD Steve Patterson launched the "Return to Camp T" fundraising campaign on April 19th, with the goal of raising $150,000 so the team could hold a portion of their fall camp--August 14th-18th--at Tontozona. With the help of the White Mountain Sun Devil Club, the efforts have picked up some steam lately.

While many fans have embraced this grassroots effort for a mostly common goal, other fans have voiced their displeasure, either over having to donate to such a cause, or with their belief that the Dickey Dome is better. So we ask you:

Have you donated to the Camp T fund? Tell us in the comments why or why not.