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Return To Camp T Donation Matching Program Unveiled

Camp T
Camp T

Last month, Arizona State University unveiled the "Return to Camp T" campaign. The fundraising effort aimed to raise $150,000 by June 1st to put towards facility improvements and other costs to allow the Sun Devils to return to Camp Tonotozona this August from the 14th-18th.

As of May 1st, the effort had generated $40,669, which is a little over 27% of the campaign's goal. With under 30 days left until the 2012 deadline, many are worried the effort will fall short.

On Wednesday, the White Mountain Sun Devil Club Alumni Chapter stepped up in a big way to announce a matching program. For every dollar donated beginning May 2nd, the White Mountain Chapter will match it, thereby doubling the donation. It's a fantastic and generous gesture that strengthens the wideley held notion that most of Sun Devil Nation wishes to see the team return to pine country.

For those interested in donating to the "Return to Camp T" fund and having their money doubled by the White Mountain Sun Devil Club Alumni Chapter, click here and select "Camp Tontozona" under Donation Category .