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Saturday Football Fix #4: Jamal Goes The Distance...Frequently

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It's not a real Saturday without college football, so House of Sparky and the video skills of JediASU are here to help. This week's Football Fix takes a look at the sensational return talents of Jamal Miles, who has made a habit of taking back opponent's kicks for touchdowns.

His first return game during the shootout with UCLA in 2010. While Brock Osweiler was putting together a five-touchdown effort, Miles helped to give ASU a lift after a Bruin score pulled them to within 31-27 late in the third quarter.

That was just the beginning. There's more after the jump.

Fast forward to 2011. Miles wasted little time in showing off his elite skills, taking the opening second-half kickoff home 98-yards.

While that score was in a Sun Devil blowout win, his next return touchdown came during an unexpected dogfight with Oregon State. Up 14-13, Miles went back to field a punt...

His most recent return came against Washington State. It once again showed off his knack for opening kickoffs, as he took the game's first kick back 95-yards for a score. Sadly, it was all downhill from there.

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