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Saturday Football Fix #8: Rudy Burgess And The 2004 Sun Bowl

Rudy Burgess makes magic happen (Photo: ASU)
Rudy Burgess makes magic happen (Photo: ASU)

Earlier in the week, Cory Williams took you back to the 2004 Sun Bowl as part of our 100 Day Countdown to Kickoff series.

The victory over Purdue was a instant classic, which made up for a sluggish first half with a thrilling roller coaster ride to end the game. Now, thanks to the video mastery of JediASU and his YouTube channel (if you love ASU, subscribe now. Seriously.), let's review some of the highlights.

The first half produced a baseball score: 3-2 in favor of the Sun Devils. However, just 12 seconds into the second half, Purdue struck for an 80-yard touchdown reception to pull ahead. But that lead didn't last for long, as Sam Keller connected with Derek Hagan just a few minutes later:

Another Kyle Orton touchdown pass opened the fourth quarter for Purdue, but ASU rallied first to close the gap with a field goal before Keller found the ever dynamic Rudy Burgess for this:

ASU was sitting pretty, but Orton's third touchdown appeared to be the back breaker. The Boilermaker touchdown gave them a 23-20 lead with just 1:14 left.

But that was too much time for Keller, Burgess and the Sun Devil offense. Here is the final drive:

Ball game.

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