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100 Day Sun Devil Football Countdown To Kickoff, #63: Cameron Marshall Can Fly

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Cameron Marshall is a power back.

Even though he has good speed--and has proven so on many occasions--Marshall's size and skills fit the mold of the traditional north-south, power runner.

At a compact 5'11", 223 pounds, Marshall has an ideal build for the job. As we've seen time and time again, he is able to make one cut, turn upfield and barrel over opponents with his relentless running. He is a maroon-and-gold tank, chewing up yardage in chunks, and leaving bodies strewn behind him.

But did you know that this tank can fly? Yes, Rommel, it's true, and JediASU's YouTube channel has the proof.

This is a moment neither ASU fans nor USC's Loren Harris will soon forget, and it makes our 100 Day Countdown list today at No. 63:

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