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Saturday Football Fix #9: A Key 4th Down Stop At Georgia

Long before the controversy surrounding his final season in Tempe, Vontaze Burfict was a dynamic playmaking freshman who dropped jaws with his potential.

In just his third collegiate start, he and the other Devils went down to Georgia to take on the No. 21 ranked Bulldogs.

The score was tied at 17 with 9:45 left in the game, and Georgia faced a fourth and one from the ASU 28 yard line. Bulldog coach Mark Richt elected to go for it, but before the ball could be snapped, the play was blown dead and a flag tossed.

Yes, it was Burfict. But no, he did nothing wrong, the flag was picked up, and he went on to make a Devil of a play to stuff Georgia.

Watch it all unfold below: