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ASU Football: Point Spreads For Every 2012 Game Aren't Pretty

(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
Getty Images

In the dusty and lonely wasteland that is the football offseason, there are plenty of opportunities to analyze, predict and re-analyze and re-predict how the season will unfold.

The folks over at have released their point spreads for ALL 798 regular season college football games. Yes, 798. While it's value beyond the first week or two of the season is somewhere between zero and zero, it's an interesting look at how the sports books and the nation as a whole view the chance for each team.

For's not pretty. Unless you're a Pitt fan.

vs. NAU: -27.5 (Hooray!)

vs. Illinois: Pick 'em (So you're saying there's a chance...)

at Missouri: +16.5 (S-E-C)

vs. Utah: +7.5 (Payback?)

at Cal: +14 (Maynard'd)

at Colorado: +1.5 (Well...that thin air is tough to adjust to...)

vs. Oregon: +21.5 (Wow, that high?)

vs. UCLA: +2.5 (Mazzone gets the last laugh)

at Oregon State: +6.5 (The Beavers are a second half team)

at USC: +28.5 (OK, we'll admit that's probably about right)

vs. Washington State: +1.5 (Yar, Pirate attack off the port bow)

at Arizona: +4 (No)

So, based on these figures, ASU is looking at 2-10 at best. Uh huh...

Obviously, it's far flung conjecture to be this granular for games several months away, but it does paint a clear picture: most people outside of Tempe think this will be a very tough year for the Sun Devils.

We at House of Sparky don't paint nearly as dim of a picture, but we'll be covering that in the weeks ahead. So, Sun Devil fans, what are your thoughts about these point spreads?

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