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Saturday Football Fix #11: USC Can't Handle The Rowdy ASU Crowd In 1996

They call it a homefield advantage for a reason, right?

Well, unless you are the whiny Trojan offense in 1996, then no, stop being mean or we'll tell on you! We're serious, guys.

The Sun Devils and Trojans were tied at 28 with just 1:22 left in the fourth quarter. The amazing Sun Devil fans had been loud all game long, and in this situation they took it up a notch. One notch more than USC quarterback Brad Otten could handle.

Jeff Munn made the announcement of the PA system that continude loud noises will results in penalties, and the refs warned the Sun Devil defense. But what did Pat Tillman do after the ref spoke to him to quiet down the fans?

As the TV crew says "The players are urging the crowd to roar".

Awesome. Let's hear you, Sun Devil Nation, thanks to this clip from JediASU's YouTube channel.