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Penn State Scholarships: Historic NCAA Punishment Opens Door For Transfers

Penn State football players: ASU wants you. (Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images)
Penn State football players: ASU wants you. (Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Unless you live under an ESPN-sized rock, you already know that the Penn State Nittany Lions have essentially been gutted by the NCAA. Here's a quick breakdown of the punishment:

  • All wins since 1998 vacated
  • Loss of 10 scholarships this season, loss of 20 per season the next four
  • Four-year postseason ban
  • Five years probation
  • $60 million fine
  • If a Penn State player wants to transfer, they are allowed to do so without penalty to the school of their choice
  • Permission-to-contact rules are suspended, meaning that athletes must simply inform PSU of their interest in transferring prior to discussions with schools. Inversely, schools may contact any athlete as long as they inform Penn State beforehand
While this was a horrible situation for everyone involved, now is not the time to rest on laurels. Schools will aggressively pursue Penn State's roster, and ASU has to take a good hard look at making their move.

Geographically, the Sun Devils do not have much sway over the Penn State landscape. The majority of the PSU roster is from Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland and New Jersey. There are exceptions, but not many.

One of those exceptions is Ryan Nowicki, a redshirt freshman guard that hails from Cactus High School in Glendale. Nowicki was courted by the Sun Devils a few years ago, but could not convince the local product to join the program.

Nowicki sat out last season but was heavily recruited by over 20 schools. The three-star prospect turned down USC, Boise State, and Utah for the chance to play for the Nittany Lions. Now, Todd Graham must look into bringing Nowicki back to the desert for the upcoming season.

Another player that Todd Graham should pick up the phone and call? Zayd Isaah. Per Doug Haller:

Scout believes that Isaah is a 4 star recruit. Shoring up the defense is always an admirable pursuit, and Graham should work hard to bring Isaah in for next season.

Here is the rest of Penn State's roster. You know we're thin in the secondary, linebacker, wide receiver and we're inexperienced in several other positions. Who do you think would fit in well at ASU?

Update: ASU has listened to our sage advice: