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100 Day Sun Devil Football Countdown to Kickoff, #19: The Buttes

Nestled nicely between the buttes (Photo: ASU)
Nestled nicely between the buttes (Photo: ASU)

The landscape of college football has more than a few legendary venues.

From the Big House in Ann Arbor, to the Rose Bowl in Pasadena to the hallowed ground at Notre Dame under the watchful eye of Touchdown Jesus, these are just a few of the places that make college football such a special game.

Sadly, in an era of increasingly lavish and modern new stadiums, much of what has made these places so special is being lost.

Not so in Tempe, where the Sun Devils play their home games in one of the most unique locations in the country, tucked away between the Tempe buttes.

The area between those two majestic buttes has been the site of Sun Devil Stadium since it's opening in 1958. From the eastern butte, every Sun Devil score is punctuated by the firing of a series of fireworks, and to the wets is one of the greatest landmarks in the state, "A" Mountain.

Over the centuries, this andesite rock formation has been home to wildlife, the native Hohokam people, and beginning in 1918, a large "N", to symbolize Tempe Normal School. That was then changed later to an "T" before the "A" was installed in 1938. The original "A" was destroyed by a bomb in 1955, and the current "A" was then made in 1958.

Watching a Sun Devil game is always a magical experience, and doing so in such a beautiful and unique natural setting only adds to the aura of ASU football.

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