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100 Day Sun Devil Football Countdown to Kickoff, #13: Danny White Leads ASU To Three Fiesta Bowl Wins

#11 was a legend in maroon and gold. Danny White. (Photo courtesy of ASU)
#11 was a legend in maroon and gold. Danny White. (Photo courtesy of ASU)

Yesterday, we talked about ASU's Fiesta Bowl three-peat in the 1970's. Today, we profile the quarterback that was under center for the Sun Devils during those epic victories: Danny White.

White, the son of ASU legend Wilford "Whizzer" White, became the starting quarterback for Arizona State in 1971. At that time, the Sun Devils were in the WAC -- without being in a nationally respected conference, they were often shunned from the bowl system.

Danny White, however, was unfazed by the disrespect. Over the course of his three seasons as the starting quarterback, White completed 345 passes for 5,932 yards and 59 touchdowns. Those numbers are good for over 17 yards a catch. It didn't hurt that White had Woody Green, the best Sun Devil running back in history, scaring defenses in the backfield, but White proved time and time again that he was no slouch.

White had an incredible record at ASU, winning 31 games as the signal caller of the Sun Devils. In three seasons, Arizona State only lost four times. Sounds a lot like Boise State, doesn't it?

White went on to have an immensely successful NFL career as the punter and quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys in the 1980's. On a timeline, White was sandwiched between two Cowboy legends, Roger Staubach and Troy Aikman. His NFL career concluded with nearly 22,000 passing yards, 155 touchdown passes, and five playoff victories. Despite his struggles in the postseason for the Cowboys, he never had any postseason trouble in maroon and gold.

This past fall, Danny White was a fan favorite to become the next ASU head coach after the dismissal of Dennis Erickson. While that did not happen, he's still a legend in the hearts and minds of Sun Devils everywhere.

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