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Get Ready for the #ForkInvasion

No, that's not PhotoShopped. (Photo: ASU)
No, that's not PhotoShopped. (Photo: ASU)

With just a few more days until the Arizona State football season opener, ASU's favorite Devil, Sparky, is launching a full scale invasion of the state.

Over the weekend, he traveled to places such as Sedona, Mill Avenue and yes...he took it to the shores of the enemy in Tucson in an event dubbed the #ForkInvasion.

It's a really cool campaign designed to rally Sun Devil Nation in the lead up to the season, and it adds some nice excitement with the guerrilla and spur of the moment timing. Fans can find out where Sparky will plant his pitchfork next, follow the campaign and submit their own #ForkInvasion photos by following the school's social channels on Twitter (@SparkyArizonaSt), Facebook (ArizonaStateSunDevils) and Instagram (@SunDevilAthletics).

More details on the #ForkInvasion can be found here.