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ASU Football: Season and Stat Predictions from the House of Sparky Staff

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In just a few more days, the time for prognostication, speculation and previews will be over. It will be football season, and not a moment too soon.

With the season opener against NAU just a few days away, the House of Sparky staff has put together our season predictions.

From the players who will lead the team in major stat categories to number of All-Pac-12 performers to 2012's biggest wins and losses, we cover it all. So check out our thoughts, then share your predictions in the comments section below.

Individual Stat Leaders

Category Brad Denny Cory Williams Ben Haber Cody Ulm
Second Leading Rusher Marion Grice DJ Foster DJ Foster Marion Grice
Leader: Receptions Chris Coyle J.J. Holliday Jamal Miles Kevin Ozier
Leader: Receiving Yards J.J. Holliday Alonzo Agwuenu Rashad Ross Rashad Ross
Leader: Receiving TD J.J. Holliday Jamal Miles Rashad Ross Rashad Ross
Leader: Tackles Steffon Martin Brandon Magee Brandon Magee Brandon Magee
Leader: Sacks Carl Bradford Will Sutton Carl Bradford Jaxon Hood
Leader: Tackles for Loss Will Sutton Carl Bradford Will Sutton Will Sutton
Leader: Interceptions Alden Darby Keelan Johnson Keelan Johnson Alden Darby

Team Stats

Category Brad Cory Ben Cody
Team Passing TD 15 17 17 18
Team Return TD 2 4 3 3
Tom/Bottom Half in NCAA in Penalties Bottom Top Bottom Bottom
Over/Under: 2,000 Team Rushing Yards Over Over Over Over
Over/Under: 36 Team Sacks Over Under Over Under
Over/Under: 400 QB Rushing Yards Under Over Over Over
QBs To Start During 2012 3 1 2 2

Other Stats and Awards

Category Brad Cory Ben Cody
Cam breaks Woody's TD Record No Yes No Yes
Over/Under: D.J. Foster 600 yds Total Offense Over Under Under Over
Over/Under: Garoutte 70% on FG Under Over Over Over
1st or 2nd Team All-Pac-12ers 3 3 4 3
1st or 2nd Team All-Americans 0 1 0 1

Team Finish

Category Brad Cory Ben Cody
First Points of 2012 Garoutte FG Kelly TD run Ross TD Catch Marshall TD Run
South Division Finish 3rd 4th 3rd 4th
Biggest Win Arizona Missouri Arizona Missouri
Disappointing Loss UCLA Oregon State Utah Utah
Final Record 5-7 6-6 7-5 5-7

So there are our picks. Post your's down below in the comments section.

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