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Saturday Football Fix #14: Relive Jake Plummer's 4th Quarter TD Drive in the Rose Bowl vs. Ohio State

Yes, we know how the game ends. That sucks.

However, there was a glorious time during the fourth quarter of the 1997 Rose Bowl that is worth reliving.

After Pat Tillman deflected a third down pass, Ohio State lined up for a field goal to try to extend their current 14-10 lead. However, it was blocked, and although the touchdown ASU scored on the return was called back, the Sun Devils took possession.

The ensuing drive led by Jake Plummer is the stuff of legend. We take you to the game to relive that drive.

Let's start with Tillman's deflection to force the blocked field goal. But be sure to stop watching after Jake's touchdown.

"TOUCHDOWN SUN DEVILS! The Snake does it again! This team won't die!"