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Blogpoll Top 25 Ballot, Week 2: The Pac-12 Conquers All

Wow. So in the face of insane college football action this weekend, I have ranked an unprecedented 7 Pac-12 teams. SEVEN! I also dropped Washington out of the rankings, so there was some serious upheaval in my ballot.

Breakdown by conference
Pac-12: 7
SEC: 5
Big 12: 5
ACC: 3
Big Ten: 3
Big East: 1
Independent: 1 (Notre Dame)

Things I am proud of: Kansas State validating their high ranking on last week's ballot. The Pac-12 showing up this weekend.

Things I am ashamed of: Giving Nevada too much credit for their win over Cal. Giving Arizona a spot in the Top 25.

What do you think? Am I nuts? Tell me in the comments. If you put up a good argument, I'll even consider modifying my ballot. Just try me.