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ASU Football: Get To Know Your Sun Devils with Josh Hubner

Josh Hubner (Photo: ASU)
Josh Hubner (Photo: ASU)

Josh Hubner is in his second year as ASU's punter, and he's off to a good start in 2012, averaging a solid 46.9 yards-per-kick. Most punters go under the radar, but due to Hubner's large and engaging personality, he is arguably the most unique player to talk with on the entire Sun Devil squad.

This makes him a great choice for this week's "Get to Know Your Sun Devils" piece.

What is your favorite uniform combination?

"I like the all-blacks, I mean I think a lot of guys will tell you that. All-blacks are pretty sweet too, get the crowd into it and the crowd's all-black, it's just intimidating."

If you could be any super hero who would you be and why?

"I think the Hulk, because he's indestructible you can't mess him up. He's huge and awesome."

Why do you wear jersey number 47?

"Because I'm a punter and that was the number issued to me. I don't get a dang say, I take whatever number they give me. But I mean I like it, I kind of look at is I try to get my average above what my number is, that's my goal."

Why did you decide to become a punter?

"I didn't. I was asked to do it in high school. I played just about every position you can think of a guy my size would play. I found out I was really good at it and had a shot to do something big with it; so I poured my heart and my soul into it and got real passionate about it, and now I'm here."

How far was your longest punt ever?

"Well my longest punt ever is in junior college and is like a 76-yard punt."

Talk about one funny off the field experience you've had with your teammates.

"(Easton) Wahlstrom is a funny guy, dude. We love him to death but he's just so easy to pick on and mess with, we play pranks on him all the time."

What kind of music do you listen to?

"Anything that isn't ridicioulous hip-hop music or whatever they call that stuff that. Dub step stuff I cant stand either. I like a lot of country and a lot classical rock. I would say I listen to a lot of that stuff pre-game, so that's probably my jam."

If you weren't playing football what would your ideal job be?

"Somewhere in law enforcement definitely, I would say higher than police level. Something like FBI or CIA, ATF. That would be pretty cool."

Who do you think is the prettiest girl in the world?

"I am huge Jessica Biel fan. I love her, I love her. If I could meet her, just all I need is one date."

If you could travel anywhere in the world where would it be and why?

"I would go to Antarctica because nobody goes there, you don't meet very many people who can say, 'Yeah, I've been to Antarctica'. I'm going to hang out with the penguins. I like penguins, they are my favorite animals. Maybe go deep ice fishing in my drawers or something, catch some fish with a spear."

When was your first kiss?

"Oh man, probably had to be somewhere around first grade I think."

What is one embarrassing thing about yourself that people probably do not know?

"I love watching Sponge Bob Square Pants, it's like my favorite cartoon. I don't watch cartoons that's the thing, I'm not a cartoon guy at all. But Sponge Bob Square Pants is so awesome, there's just something funny about that show. I love Patrick Star and I still don't understand how a crab has a whale daughter, to this day."

What professional sport teams do you root for?

"I'm from the East Coast, from Jersey, so I'm a big Giants fan...defending Super Bowl champs right now. Big time Yankees fan, a lot of people of hate that, a lot of people love that, I don't really care. Knicks fan, love D'Antoni, love Stoudemire, I love the old school Knicks though, Latrell Sprewell, Patrick Ewing, Charlie Ward. Charlie Ward is one of my favorite athletes ever. I'm sure I'm going to be a fan of whatever team if I get to play professionally, that'll be my new favorite team."

What's the main reason why you decided to attend ASU?

"I think staying local, on a more serious note, was one the best decision that I ever made. I had a lot of offers from a lot of different schools throughout the country, and in the beginning I was pretty hell-bent on getting out of Arizona and just kind of starting fresh. When it all came down to it I decided I wanted to stay around my family my friends.... it helped me build a bigger network, and you know what they, it's not what you know it's who you know."